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Free Strategic Session

Are you thinking about selling? Then you've come to the right place. I am Alessio Carnevale, and my agency, CPI Real Estate, has an average selling time of 45 days. We achieve this by utilizing multiple marketing channels, innovative technology, and advanced sales techniques to attract more people. This brings in more qualified buyers, increases competition, and significantly enhances the property's appeal to achieve the best results in a very short time.


Risparmia tempo

Save time

Tratta di meno

Negotiate less

Ottieni piĆ¹ interesse

Generate more interest

Assistenza professionale

Professional assistance

Our Unique Strategy to Attract Buyers to Your Home

The key to selling your home in the shortest amount of time is to obtain as many qualified buyers as possible. Not doing so increases the risk of not selling, and less competition means lower selling prices and longer times on the market. Unfortunately, this is what happens to many people who only use limited marketing channels and decide to sell privately, losing a lot of visibility and potential buyers.

We use all the traditional methods such as flyers and sales ads. Additionally, we implement additional marketing channels to reach more people and generate more interest from buyers in your property. We have advanced digital multimedia strategies to get more views on your property than traditional real estate websites and use proven real estate psychology techniques to stimulate buyer interest and multiply the chances of closing deals at very high levels.

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Here's a brief summary of what we will discuss during your Free Strategic Session:

It is statistically proven that 90% of Italians have successfully chosen to rely on a real estate agency to avoid scams, deception, price reductions, embarrassing situations, and insecurity, and to maximize their financial outcomes and timelines.

When you follow these steps during the property visit, potential clients naturally compete with each other, increasing their desire to purchase.

We have developed negotiation and sales techniques that drastically increase the chances of success while reducing selling times.

It is statistically proven that selling without the help of an intermediary causes stress, unexpected costs, and loss of time.

We know where to look, constantly maintaining strong relationships with every buyer we come into contact with, boasting a database of over 5,000 clients that we regularly follow up with.







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