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The calculation process is based on the direct comparison of the average market value of properties of the same type, size, and location. The price thus determined is customized using weighting coefficients that take into account the specific characteristics of the property and the subjective considerations of the appraiser. The weighting coefficients result from the field knowledge of companies and professionals who operate concretely in the real estate sector and are based on objective criteria, expressly reflecting the specific dynamics of the Italian real estate market.

  • Certified rental price valuation
  • Professional photographic service
  • Service with drones and professional shooting
  • Top placements on all used portals
  • Customized marketing packages
  • Legal and insurance protection services through selected partners
  • Credit analysis of potential tenants
  • Contract drafting and registration
  • Asset management
  • Financial planning
  • Possibility to join the CPI Investor Club

The real estate sector goes through 4 different market cycles that continuously repeat:

  • Phase 1: Recovery
  • Phase 2: Expansion
  • Phase 3: Oversupply
  • Phase 4: Recession

In Phase 1, you should buy, while in Phases 2 and 3, you should sell. During Phase 4, you should look for opportunities that will be acquired in Phase 1.

Investing by definition does not involve the word "risk". That's why CPI Investing is our Business Unit that exclusively deals with zero-risk investments, i.e., the purchase of commercial real estate at a minimum 10% discount to ensure the absence of risk. All our tenants are also required to provide a bank guarantee upon first request to guarantee the payment of rent, so not only is the invested capital not at risk, as the real estate market cannot drop by more than 10% in such a short time, but it is also guaranteed by the banks.

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